How do you pronounce DSOTO? (Dee-so-toe)

Our name, Discovery School of the Outdoors (DSOTO), was intentionally designed to describe our passion for teams to discover, grow, learn, and unite through our experience together.

DSOTO offers excellent programming tailored to each team and their overall goals. Our staff is passionate about facilitating a process that is specifically designed with your team in mind. We utilize several acres on the Emerald Hills campus of Team Expansion, our non-profit partner.

Meet the team of facilitators below!

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Tara Woolard

Head Facilitator & Founder

Tara Woolard has served as the Director/Founder of Discovery School of the Outdoors since 2009.  With a heart for team sports, adventure, and the great outdoors, this role has been the perfect fit since day one.  Her accomplishments as a collegiate-level athlete in team sports fuel her passion for seeing others grow and succeed in the area of teamwork and cooperation.  She has logged over 500 hours of professional facilitation and leadership development since founding DSOTO.  She enjoys the lessons learned with each group and considers it a privilege to watch others grow as they accomplish their goals.

Allan Witkowski

Head Facilitator

Allan has put his experience as a business leader, chemist, and outdoor enthusiast to good use since becoming a head facilitator several years ago.  He has helped facilitate hundreds of leadership and team-building experiences for DSOTO and around the world.  Allan takes great satisfaction in helping participants overcome their challenges on the course and in life.  “I really enjoy seeing people rise and conquer their fears, especially in the environment of trust and support that DSOTO brings.”

Joshua Rodenbaugh

Head Facilitator

Through opportunities in college, Joshua experienced the benefits of team-building and outdoor education and even had the chance to receive training and experience facilitating these initiatives for others.  Since this time, he has had great respect for the value of team-building and was eager to engage in this again when he joined the DSOTO team in 2011.  He loves to see all the lessons we can learn from each other, from nature, and from the simple challenge of pushing ourselves a little further than we thought we could go.  “It’s always a pleasure to see that light bulb come on, whether it’s in a classroom or outside clinging to a tree, but it’s more fun outside.”

Brandon Weiss


Brandon is one of the newer additions to our team of facilitators.  One of his favorite things to do, when he’s not belaying you or asking you open-ended questions, is to read (or listen to audiobooks).  He also says he loves cycling but doesn’t do it very often.  If he had to eat pizza every day for the rest of his life, he’d be okay with that.  He’s benefited greatly from past experiences going through team-building challenges and activities.  He loves connecting the dots between the activities and the “real world”, and seeing people rely on each other to accomplish a task.

Dolores Jones


Dolores was exposed to our team of facilitators through a common athletic interest. Her competitive spirit, tempered by her desire to help others, has helped bring a high level of awareness to group dynamics and to the individuals that comprise the group. DSOTO has provided training to further that skill. She enjoys helping others see their intrinsic and unique value. In her spare time, she is a ranked cross-fitter, work-out nut, tennis nut, seamstress, Bible study geek, basic gardener, . . .


Our programs are led by certified facilitators who have a passion for experiential learning and adventure-based education. Our staff aims to tailor each program uniquely to meet the goals of your team.