What type of programming do you offer? We offer a variety of programming that ranges from 2-8 hours long. Our TCA (team challenge activity) programs focus on team bonding, team building and team development (see our blog post about the differences between each one). We also offer programming on our high ropes course for those who want a higher level of physical challenge. We can combine both our TCA and high course programs together in a 6-8 hour slot.

How many people are required to participate? For our TCA programming we can handle groups that range from 6-100 people. For our high course programming we have a minimum requirement of 8 and a maximum capacity of 30.

Do I have to sign a waiver to participate? Yes. Our waivers are available to print and fill out from our “forms” section here on our website. However, once you reserve your program date we send a digital waiver for you to complete.

Do you ONLY offer outdoor programming? The short answer is no. Our primary programming takes place outdoors on our site during the months of April – November. However, we also facilitate off-site programs for those who prefer an indoor environment (ex: office conference room, hotel conference room, gymnasium, etc.) During the winter months this is a popular option for those needing team building between December – March.

How do I make a reservation? We don’t have an open calendar for people to choose a date and book online. The main reason for this is because we want to get to know the client up front so we can best tailor your program to the needs of your team. You can contact us via email or phone and then we schedule your reservation from there.

How does a group pay for their program? In order to confirm your reservation a non-refundable deposit (by credit card only) is required along with your registration. Once your program is complete we invoice you for the remaining balance.

Do you offer discounted pricing for non-profits? Yes we do. Contact us.