Our Story

In 2009 DSOTO (then known as Discipleship School of the Outdoors) began as a unique training program under the non-profit organization, Team Expansion. The creation of this program was specifically to utilize experiential learning as a “training ground” on the 61-acre campus of Emerald Hills (Team Expansion’s headquarters). The target audience was cross-cultural workers who were recruited by Team Expansion and sent around the world to serve in various capacities as missionaries.

The idea behind the training was to create an environment outdoors that allowed those recruits to be “tested” in key areas similar to what they would encounter upon arriving in their cross-cultural settings. Since Team Expansion is focused on building successful teams to send into these foreign cultures, it made sense to have a training program that prepared their recruits.

Through the years, DSOTO continued to train Team Expansion recruits and expanded its influence among the Louisville community. Schools, sports teams, churches, corporate teams, small businesses, and others soon became a part of DSOTO’s growing audience and clientele base. In 2018 DSOTO’s director met with the board of Team Expansion to propose the idea of DSOTO becoming its own LLC and entering into a partnership with Team Expansion.

This was unanimously accepted and Discovery School of the Outdoors was started as its own LLC. Our partnership with Team Expansion is very special and goes back many years. We are grateful to have had our beginnings under the watchful care of such an amazing organization. We are blessed to be in close partnership with Team Expansion and continue to offer specific training for their needs as well as expanding our reach in the Louisville community.

DSOTO LLC now leases the grounds on Team Expansion’s headquarters where the low and high ropes course was built. Emerald Hills is the perfect combination of serenity and nature mixed together allowing for discovery and growth for the many teams DSOTO facilitates through our experiential learning programs.

We will never forget our roots as we grow into the future!