Our Services

Rates vary depending on the number of participants and the length of program chosen. We offer programs that range from 2-8 hours. In addition, our staff can travel to you for on-site specific programs. We also offer catering options for groups wanting to add lunch to their package.

In addition, we offer the PREP personality assessment for anyone desiring an assessment piece to compliment their team development. PREP stands for People Reading Effectiveness Program. This is a fully validated program with tools and surveys designed to assist individuals in better understanding themselves and to help companies in managing current and prospective employees. For more information about this assessment tool click here.

Our Requirements

For a group to participate in the high course experience we require a minimum of 8 people. Our TCA programs can accommodate between 6-100. Non-profit pricing is available.

Low Ropes Course

Our low ropes course includes games, field initiatives, and obstacle course type elements that focus on leadership, trust, communication, cooperation, conflict resolution and problem-solving.

High Ropes Course

Our high ropes course consists of six elements that were designed for both individual and group-oriented participation.

Encouraging Support

Those not actively climbing are still able to be involved in the challenge experience as active encouragers and observers.