“This gave me so much perspective in a sensory way I had not expected. I assumed it would be like kickball or basketball, meaning that we are outdoors doing activities together and it would be fun. It was totally different than just having fun together. There was actual learning/training that took place AND it was still super fun!” ~ Non-profit participant

“I want to thank you and your staff for helping me grow during our program experience. I struggle with trusting myself and others. This is really what I needed today in facing that fear of insecurity and learning to trust others.” ~  For-profit participant

“Excellent! Loved the application from the activities to the reality of life and our work environment.” ~ Medical team/Nurse

“Very valuable lessons. Good to learn by doing. Wish this style of learning was incorporated more in other training environments.” ~ Non-profit participant

“All my teachers can talk about is how valuable their training was with you and your staff. One of my veteran teachers remarked that your program is the stand-alone portion of their orientation training that solidifies everything they do the rest of the school year.” ~ School Principal

“When we come here and have two days of specific training on what it means to be a team and how to work with varying personalities, this is where I feel we truly become united.” ~ Church pastor

“I was very skeptical and not wanting to be pushed out of my comfort zone with some of the physicality of what I might be asked to do. I can say now I was pleasantly surprised and completely wrong in my perceptions of what this would be. The facilitators prepared the day so well and the challenges were perfectly matched to our group. I did things here and learned things I never thought I’d be capable of.” ~ 60+ individual

“Every one of the exercises/challenges, both mental and physical, were invaluable to us as a team. Your questions are meaningful and thought-provoking. I’ve been 4-5 years in a row now and somehow the day just keeps getting better each time. Your staff is very patient and allows us to learn from our mistakes and regroup. I love how you do that!” ~ School Teacher

“Thought provoking and great insights into myself and the way teams function. Best team building experience I’ve ever had.” ~ Missionary/Team Expansion

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