There are three types of team building programs in experiential education and training. It’s important to understand the differences so you and your team can decide which program best meets your needs or goals.

Team Bonding

Team bonding programs are fun, recreational programs that involve some networking and team building. The goal is to have a good time but not focus on a specific workplace goal. These programs typically don’t require a debriefing time. These can also serve as a stand-alone event. Team bonding fits more into a category best described as a “team outing”. You get to know your team better but the overall goal is to have fun and not go too deep.

Team Building

Team building offers an opportunity for growth, group and individual reflection, and potential ongoing learning. These programs focus on a particular goal that is transferable to the workplace or school environment. There is intentionality in the flow and programming. It is facilitated by a trained professional with skills in the field of experiential education. There is purposeful debriefing time where participants reflect and “unpack” their experiences and relate those to their real world. These programs can offer follow-up work. The best way to describe these programs are FUN with a purpose!

Team Development

Team Development offers ongoing work that focuses on behavioral change and overall team performance. These programs key in on long-term, specific organizational goals. They will offer a multi-phase curriculum including behavioral assessments and should include quarterly programming and ongoing coaching for team members. These are carried out by a lead facilitator who works closely with the organization’s internal Human Resources team.

DSOTO offers programming in all three of these categories and we’d love the chance to talk with you about which one best fits your needs. Contact us to get started!